If you have any login problem join our Chat Server 2 or email us at desichat@gmail.com.
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For any reason if you can't join our main chat server (server 1), join our server 2. If server asks you to enter password, change your nick and try again.
Chat Server 2
For any reason if you can't login to our Chat Server 1, join this server.
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DesiChat offers free chat rooms for desi people around the world.
Chat in DesiChat server is strictly moderated. If it is your first time here, we recommend you to read our rules first to avoid any unpleasant situation before you join our server. Disregarding any of the rules listed bellow may result in your being kicked, temporarily banned (room ban) or permanently banned (server ban or kline).
Join and enjoy a clean desi chat, pak chat, and indian chat.

::Chat Rules and Etiquette::

  • Do not use long or weird nick(s), or any nick that may generate any political or religious dispute.
  • For political and religious chat, use room(s) specified for the purpose.
  • Do not post any reference which contains sexually explicit images, link or other offensive content.
  • Do not use racially or ethnically offensive language or term.
  • Do not disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms with vulgar or abusive language and text flooding (by repeating the same text hitting the return key repeatedly or inputting large pieces of texts that result in the screen scrolling).
  • Do not harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to a chat participant that is unwanted.
  • Do not offer for sale products or services.
  • Do not insult DesiChat, its staff, or community leaders, such as owners, administrators, moderators or impersonate them.
  • Do not use any explicit/vulgar/obscene language.
  • Do not repeat letter(s) excessively to type a word.
  • Avoid typing in text background color (Banner).
  • Avoid posting or requesting personal information for example, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc of any user in public.
  • Avoid using excessive capital letters (Caps) in your texts and nicks (use of excessive Caps in chat is seen as shouting).
  • Avoid frequent use of light color, sound, and underlined text (these are for occasional or private use).

  • Note: Please bear in mind that moderators don't take any action for private or p2p (Person to Person) messages. If you donít want to receive message from any particular user, use IGNORE option. To Ignore message(s) from a particular person, select the person's screen name on the right from the members list and click the right button of the mouse. When commands screen will appear, click Ignore member's domain.


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